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Juicy Couture crew neck tee, $48
Bally genuine leather jacket, $1,495
H&M flap jeans, £30
Ugo Cacciatori animal jewelry, €406
Mulberry cord jewelry, $75
MONICA ROSE braided jewelry, $38
Betsey Johnson glitter jewelry, $35
Matthew Williamson wrap jewelry, £12
Lipsy bow jewelry, $14
Feather jewelry, $12
Monsoon cord jewelry, £12
Wet Seal metal jewelry, $7.50
Wet Seal wooden bead jewelry, $1
Yellow gold jewelry
Lingerie De Peau Compact Foundation 11.3g, £44
Lancome Cosmetics and Skin Care Official Site: Make up, Skincare,…, $29
ELF Cosmetics UK - Liquid Eyeliner
SOMEDAY by JUSTIN BIEBER Eau de Parfum No Color 1 oz, $45
Purple Nail Polish, $2.80
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